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What are the different kinds of chat, and what are the advantages to each one?

There are five kinds of live shows available on Cams: Free, Nude, Private Chat, Tipping Chat, and Private Chat with cam2cam.

Free Chats are clothes-on, interactive chats between the models and the members. The point of giving free shows is to draw in members who might be reluctant at first to pay for something they can't see. Conversion to a paying member comes when you get one to invite you to a Private Chat. See here for the rules for Free Chat.

Nude Chats are premium chats feature a live show going out to every member who accesses it. You MUST be nude during a Nude Chat. Members pay per minute, so the longer they stay, the more you earn. Nude Chats are where you can make a lot of money fast, as multiple members (all paying a per-minute fee) can view your stream at the same time, particularly loyal Fan Club members or recurring customers you first met in Free Chat. See here for the rules for Nude Chat.

Private Chats are intimate, one-on-one shows between you and the member. No other members can view or access a Private Chat. You can ask a member to take you Private, but only a member can actually initiate a Private Chat. You can ONLY go Private from a Free Chat. These are the best paying shows per-minute, and are excellent opportunities to build up a loyal following of members who might join your Fan Club and/or tune in to every Nude Chat you do. See here for the rules for Private Chat.

Tipping Chat is a version of Free Chat that allows you to set a tipping goal and allows viewers to contribute to the goal and make requests. This chat type is a great way to make money fast, especially if your show is fun and engaging. Private shows are disabled in tipping chat so you and your viewers can focus on reaching the tipping goal. You can start a show anytime during tipping chat, but you can only be nude while your show is active.

Private Chats with cam2cam are the same, only with the cam2cam feature included at an additional fee to the member. This is the top-paying show per minute, and again can only be initiated by the member (they select this option at the point where they opt in to a Private Chat, and cannot activate it once in the Private Chat). Essentially, this lets the member send you his live video image for you to interact with, heightening the experience.

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