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Who can appear in a show?

During the set-up process, a model is assigned a specific "stream." The model who has presented all the necessary documentation and has been approved can appear on that stream, and NO ONE ELSE.

New models CAN be added to an existing stream (and new streams can be created) by the Studio, subject to the standard documentation/approval process. Similarly, models can be assigned to multiple streams if s/he chooses (one for single shows, one for couple shows, one for a different couple, etc.), so long as they are all run by the same Studio.

If you are in charge of your own Studio, you will have to log in as the Studio and send an email to Customer Service to add/remove models and streams.

When private individuals sign up to be models, a Studio account is created for them at the same time in the event s/he decides to expand (i.e. add models and/or streams) in future. If you're one person operating a single stream, all you need is your Model account and login to work. If you do chose to expand, contact Customer Service to get your Studio information.

Keep in mind that any new models you add MUST submit all their paperwork and be approved before they are allowed to appear in a broadcast.

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